This is my first experience in blogging. So far, though, the learning process has been very smooth. For this, I must thank the user-friendly features of weblogs, which makes communication so easy here.

Having finally posted a few long posts in the blogosphere, I no longer doubt that the marginal voices could finally find a haven in here. Weblog’s multimodal environment is truly a great asset to a communicative medium. When pictures and texts are able to work together, communication has always been easier (Schriver 1997).

Just as I would refrain from using offensive and defamatory statements in public, the pulpit that my weblog has afforded me has obligated me to be even more discreet and cautious now. My stand as a blogger is to be as fair as possible, by getting information accurate and treating my subjects indiscriminately (Tanner et al. 2005).


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